Moving on

There is a unique connection between me and the airplane,
It symbolizes hope that you will come soon,
It encourages me to trust in fate again,
Just like the moon,
Which, gazing from my window,
Reminds me of all the good old times,
When I was afraid, it encouraged me,
Became my friend in sleepless nights,
Held my hand in all calamities,
Now, when I look back at the long black road,
It tells me the journey is almost finished.
I miss my childhood, the priceless bliss,
But the butterflies reminds me,
It’s just one dream away,
I miss the sound of rain,
The small water boats, ponds of mud,
The memories are too precious to give away,
The feelings remain in my heart,
The tears, the laughs,
All reminders of the past.
What has gone shall never return.
Still it’s time for another journey.


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