Mr Banks

Mr Banks worked at a Bank. A stingy man who trusted only what he saw. He believed neither in ghosts nor spirits. His eyes could not decipher any being other than what surrounded him. When they all talked about feelings. He said you body only needed organs. The parentless, familyless, friendsless, Mr Banks.

One day he went out to buy snacks, as was his daily routine. On his way to the snack shop, he stopped. “Where is this noise coming from?” he muttered to himself. He looked ahead and caught the sources for the commotion. Two young boys fighting.
Both pale with bloody mouth and one had a bruised eye. For a summer afternoon their clothes were a maddening affair in themselves. One might look at them and wonder, if they were actors. Who pretended to be soldiers fighting in WWI.

“Oh great!a midday brawl! What’s with the youth of today.” You see Mr Banks was of the quiet sorts. He was a banker and his time was money. He minded his own business and enjoyed his own company. He scoffed at the youths and shook his head and kept walking. However, as he passed them by, a voice stopped him. “You can see us right?.”

He looked back and saw one of the boys staring at him. The boy hurried towards him. His hair matted to his forehead. “What do you want?” said the old man. “I have no time for this.” He flailed his hands as if in a play. “See you? Of course I can. I can.” His hands waved from one direction to the other. “They can. Everyone can.” Mr Banks says pointing towards the people passing.

Only he forgot to see that in mid afternoon, the street was empty and the sky full of clouds. There was no one except for an elderly walking his dog. A car parked at the end of the street. The place was almost empty.

The boy who ran towards him had a desperation in his eyes. Looking at him one was reminded of a calm waters. Mr Banks thought of his brother. A boy who died. Suddenly his vision blurred. He blinked three times. It became clearer.

“So you can see me right? Thank God!.” The boy standing near him turned towards his companion. A tall boy with whom he fought. Whose face had a cut and shirt drenched with sweat. On whose eye were glasses thick. A young version of Mr Banks, one would presume. “I told you we will be able to find someone.” The other fellow who had watched without flinching, scoffed. “I am leaving,” then turned and walked away, disappearing halfway into thin air.

Mr Banks grew impatient. He wanted nothing more but to go back. His appetite ruined and so was his mood. The first boy who asked Mr Banks first, now ran after the other boy. He momentarily held Mr Banks’ jacket. “please sir! Can you wait here please.” Sprinting after the other boy, his body too disappeared in thin air. Mr Banks started to walk towards his bank. “What a day,” said Mr Banks. Overhead clouds darkened and it started raining.


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