As she closed the door to her apartment building, her eyes were met with the chaos of early morning commuters. She stood on the stairs leading up to the side walk and breathed in the air which by now had grown stale due to the pollution. It was the beginning of summer that brought with it the perfect mix of pleasant breeze with rays of sunshine reflecting on the cars parked on the curb.

She walked and with her walked the illusion. She imagined talking at that meeting, “with 20% increase in company’s…” It was the same meeting which she dreaded owing to the presence of that one person; her coworker. More specifically her ex project partner whose face she could now perfectly imagine sneering at her. She lost a little bit of control as her imagination focused on her.

That face which forever was stuck in that same scowl. “I don’t like you and why don’t you get out of my face,” she yelled at her, only to be brought back into the reality by the smile of her neighbor, she smiled back.

Reason I Left…

Dream– A car speeding down on the asphalt. The sound of waves crashing on the shore, she looks out. The architecture grabs her attention. We’re in Russia, she thinks. Looming above the water, was the structure whose design was so different. It had two parts to it: one tall, straight tower much like the Burj Khalifa and the other angling down in the water. The part pointing towards the water was made of chain like design. She sees her father chatting with the cab driver.

Reality– Somewhere far away, he woke up with a start. Inside the darkness of the room, only his silhouette is visible. Which now is sitting up, hands in his hair. In the few moments after gaining bearings, a thought resurfaces “so you’re gone.” He touches his throat “why do I feel parched?” The clock struck nine. He looks at it as of dazed, “it’s been nine months.”

Actual memory– Click, click, her father’s fingers pressing the DSLR’s buttons. She snaps at him, “put it away Baba!” his cheeks turned the tale tell color of red. He puts it away murmuring, “my first time…away…” She fixes her hair, the ring finger adorned with a diamond ring. “There are a lot of hotels here. Are you here for long?” She glared at the driver. “Yes, we are here to meet her mother, my ex wife. She is getting married soon…” She cut him “why don’t we invite him for the wedding too.” The retort was met with silence. To an outsider her language shifted from English to another when speaking to her father. The cab stops. There was another unique piece of architecture. It covers the walkway but ends on the other side of the water. More like a canopy for the for those walking. She registers the place with awe.

Reality– The only light comes from the window. It’s full moon, the silence, piercing. A typewriter with a page tucked in: his unfinished manuscript. The light coming from the fridge reveals eyes that haven’t had a good night sleep. He walks up to the fridge and opens it. The first thing that catches his attention is the light pink colored envelop tacked to the inside of it. It was sealed. He takes it off. “You’re so forgetful,” she had smiled while saying it.

Nightmare– Scene changes. She is inside a room.There is her mother and her sister whose just gone to use the bathroom. The light is pale and the door (both inside the room and the one to go outside) are made of wood. She is given a candy by an old lady. It is lemon flavored. She can see the mirrors now. Her back was to them before.
She eats the candy. “Why is the room so fuzzy?” she looks around in confusion. “Don’t come out” she screams to her sister. Her body feels like a dead weight. Use slowly falls to the ground. The ladies were trying to open the door.

A sudden gust of wind. The curtain moves, almost like a ripple in water. He opens the envelop. One beige colored page. In cursive handwriting across it, it said “The reason I left…”


Hi Guys!

Sorry for not posting, it’s been ages! After summer started I have been in somewhat of a writer’s block. This story is something I have been working on for sometime. However, it’s form or style is still a bit rusty as I honestly am at an impasse on how to approach it. Any suggestions or critique is welcome. Also let me know if any one of you face the same when it comes to writing.

Have a nice day!


Night Time Observations

Cat sniffing a cigarette,
Abandoned on the sidewalk.

A milk bottle nearly empty,
Standing guard near a car on the road.

A car parked with its front bumper broken,
Laying dejectedly on the grey asphalt, it’s color white.

A mother and a father standing near it,
Calling some one on the phone.

A child in whose hands was a dinosaur toy,
Holding it, like a kid at my Pre-K used to.

Just a night stroll in the City that Never Sleeps,
In whose nights sky, airplane replaces stars, New York