In Search Of

She closed her eyes and there right before her was the lake where she’d go to in pursuit of solitude. Surrounded by mountains and round smooth pebbles that covered the area around the lake, the place was drowned in silence and the lights were forever dim as if the place was in a partial solar eclipse. She took a deep breath and felt the breeze, calm and gentle fluttering her auburn colored hair. Sitting by the lake she turned her back towards the small wooden hut that despite the test of time stood there, strong and always providing shelter.

It’s really nice here she thought laying down on the pebbles letting the water touch her feet. The water had the quality to erase any signs of weariness. The pebbles were not hurting her but rather provided a soft enough bed for her to lie down. As she closed her eyes the dark, tall giant of a mountain lent its shadow to shade her from the light. Time was always a subjective matter in that place. It was hidden somewhere in the deepest corner of her mind, the key to which lied within the heart. She could lie for as long as a century but wake up feeling energized and youthful. The green pastures surrounding the lake attracted small lambs and goats but the place wasn’t for everyone. The door that allowed entry was neither easy to open nor would it allow entry to strangers.

From a distance she was able to decipher a small disturbance, shutting her eyes more closely she smiled keeping the visual intact. The disturbance wouldn’t go away. It was a small noise in the place unable to produce sound. From being a small fragment it changed into the size of a rock being beaten against a surface then the rock got bigger and bigger until she opened her eyes.


Hi Guys, 

This short excerpt is part of a longer story. I don’t know when I’ll finish that but this opening sequence is my favorite as it takes place in the protagonist’s imagination. It’s just as important fantasy for her, as it is for me: finding a place where there is peace and quiet.

Hope you all enjoyed it!