True Freedom

It’s black outside,
Madness taking over sanity,
Beasts rise,
The streets are flooded with blood,
I walk upon the corpses of hopes.
The flames of dead ambitions filling my lungs.
Still I can see two pigeon flying,
High up in the sky,
Both black and white,
I move ahead,
Appalled by the savageness of the beast,
We call human.
Spreading catastrophe as it goes,
I hear distance noises,
Freedom! Freedom!
They say,
I see humans with scarred bodies and eyes bloodshot,
Voices strongly demand,
Freedom! Freedom!
Their steps hampered by the winds of injustice,
Though victory was achieved,
It still left questions.


Seeing these clouds, I wish I could fly,
High, high, up in the sky,
Touching them, holding them, feeling them in my hands,
I wish to lie on the fluffy cushion.
The darker ones make me even happier,
Darker the clouds, more it’d rain,
Life is also like clouds, that never stops.
Leaving memories,
It reminds me of people,
Whom I met along the way,
Only few stayed closer to my heart,
While others left like clouds.


Standing on a cross road,
I am so confused.
Who am I?
What is my identity?

We all make the same journey.
Same baggage of hopes.
But how much do we really gain?
Every dream demands a price,
I have learnt that now.

A strange land will never amount to my home.
The tall mountains and blue sky.
Whether innocent laughs or a shoulder to cry on,
I have fallen so many times to remember.
How can a tree grow without roots?

Sometimes eyes can’t see what time can teach
Looking at my hands, I see
These callous lines drawn by time,
Making me wonder,
Who am I?

Where do I belong?