My Electronic Friend

I reach for my processed food,
No time to waste,
Wolf it down, drink my water,
Sip by sip,
Hands never stopping,
I spill my drink on my shirt,
Oh no,
I look around, men staring at screen,
Screen or human,
They seem part of one another,
Afraid of the silence,
I reach for the cold, mechanic touch of my electronic friend,
Your boss will fire you,
Your wife will leave,
The fears wrap around my skull,
Slowly slowly it all disappear,
The magic hum of the machine starting,
Lifeless voice welcomes me,
I am lost but it guides me into the void,
I forget for those stolen moments,
What it was that I lacked,
It was the lullaby that I needed,
It was the crutch I could hold on.


Good Girls

Stand clear of the closing door.

Shuffling of feet.
People stood.
People sat.
Eyes averted, staring into space.
Some looked into the screen of their phones.
Others found solace in the pages of a book.
The grey giant speeded ahead.
Snaking it’s way through.

She shifted her leg.
It mustn’t touch the man she sat next to.
Good girls keep their distance.
She moved again.
The man had white hair.
His jacket camouflage.
His skin red and white.
His bag rested between his legs.

She looked out.
The houses with graffiti on them.
So closer to the loud vehicle.
How do they sleep?
She breathed the air of a crowded compartment.
Of a tired business man.
A woman with a stroller.
A homeless man occupying the seat at the end.
He sits alone.
Others pinching their noses.
They watch from a distance.

A memory surfaced.
The sound of motorcycle stopping.
A hand touching her.
Was I not covered enough?
Good girls come home at night.
Good girls don’t…
Good girls…

The next stop is…
She stood up.

How A Pair Of Glasses See

As I sit in a well lit crowded store, waiting to be picked up. I look around one more time to say goodbye to those closer to me. Placed in shelves, new, and in perfect order are others like myself. They have different shapes such as round, rectangular and square. Before getting wrapped up in a piece of cloth and placed in a case like the soulless creature they think I am. My vision takes in this scene one last time.

Where I live is usually very crowded place as people come every day. At night, when it’s all empty, my friends keep me company. They, just like me are waiting to be chosen and taken away. As there are those that are said goodbye to, every day, others are welcomed back. They are the battered ones due to the negligence of humans.

Look, in the front of the store, the lady comes in and is asking for repair. Asked to wait, she sits down and is now showing the lady next to her, the damage. My friend there is broken in half with one lens taken out while the other, I notice to my utmost horror have a crack. I find those abhorrent who can’t take care of the one thing that is going to help them see. Oh my poor friend, well I hope to be well taken care of.

The door opens again and this time she comes in, one who is supposed to take me away. The humans exchange pleasantries as I gather courage and then off we go. The man on the counter examines me one last time, wraps me off in the case and as it closes, my alert senses listen. Of humans talking, cars passing by, the sound of loud foot steps.

The case opens and I feel excited as my anticipation heightens for what others reaction might be. I do consider myself to be pretty handsome. The shine of my lens fitted inside a black frame gets me quite some looks from people. I am made to make others see the world in a more clearer and better way.

The case opens and a hand lifts, unwraps and wears me. In front of a mirror, I meet for the first time the eyes that will be guided by me. My square body fits the face of the human perfectly, I look fantastic. Wait, what? before I can even admire myself in the mirror she runs outside.

She enters a medium sized square room with a dark brown bookshelf and two beige colored sofas adjacent to one wall. I come face to face with the family as they all sit down to eat. As her head turns I take in all the eyes and the frames covering them. Ofcourse! even after moving out, I have to share space with others like me.

It’s the middle of the night and the world sleeps. The dark and dreary atmosphere and this quietness is scary. I hang upside down suspended by my leg. So disrespectful! I am not used to this treatment. One mistake and …wait…┬áThe floor feels so cold.